The importance of knowing your Public Interest Score (“PIS”)

By Johann Hattingh | July 11, 2022

From the local barber to the multinational, they all must know or be aware of their PIS. If you own acompany or are a director of a company, it is part of your duty as an owner and director to knowyour company’s PIS. For the simple reason being that it allows to you to be…

Struggling to get your deposit from your landlord?

By Johann Hattingh | July 4, 2022

The repayment of deposits by Landlords are a more common issue that one would think. And it isone of the most pressing issues between tenants and landlords, if not the most pressing issue. Thefirst step in combatting this issue by a tenant is to ensure that there is a written rental agreement iplace. A written…