We help you maintain access to the market while navigating legislative red tape.


Strategic Legal Advisors

Stratlaw is a boutique Legal Advisory Firm offering tailor-made solutions. Various obstacles posing a risk to your business? We look at the big picture and offer personal, practical solutions to manage risk and stop disruptions. By looking at the bigger picture, we are able to provide you with tailor-made practical solutions to manage the obstacles and risk to your business.

we find solutions.

STRATLAW assists New Entrepreneurs

STRATLAW offers a professional start-up package consisting of the registration of a company, Memorandum of Incorporate, Company secretarial matters (Meetings, Minutes etc.) and B-BBEE certification and verification assistance.


STRATLAW does not only assist from a distance, or on a ad hoc basis.


STRATLAW offers it’s services on a fixed term
basis, were the clients can identify and
choose the services they wish to receive
from us. This allows us to provide the client
with a tailor- made quote from the services
and terms the clients has chosen.


Red tape cramping your style? STRATLAW provides you as the entrepreneur in business with peace of mind by taking care of the red tape headaches for you. Non-compliance with red tape is one of the hidden obstacles that rears its head at the most unusual times. By developing and implementing a tailor-made red tape navigation strategy, we take care of your red tape headaches, allowing you to focus on your business goals and growth.

The Question is: Who do you trust?

STRATLAW offers peace of mind

We are experts at increasing a company’s value by mitigating and/or limiting risks through the provision of professional strategic legal advice. Simply put: STRATLAW excels at turning obstacles into stepping stones. This statement is underscored by our Vision and Mission statements.


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Trust the STRATLAW team to handle your red tape obstacles.


 As a business owner your daily decision requirements never end, Arno, Bertus and the team at Stratlaw with their expert knowledge, problem solving mindset and humbleness make life easier when it comes to strategic planning, risk assessment mitigation, contracts and business knowledge, network and acumen. 

It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be one of Stratlaw’s clients for the past years, their abilities have made my life easier and so has secured our business legacy and personal contributed to our wellbeing. 

They are highly recommended. 


- Stephen Bentz


 It is our, great pleasure in recommending Stratlaw as lawyers who specialise in Company Law and Coorperate Governance. 

Stratlaw has become our legal partner that ensures our Company is legally compliant, through their honest advice and professional services. 

Stratlaw has been our lawyers for the last 5 years and we can say that they have given us excellent service. 


 Yours faithfully 


 We would just like to say how grateful we are for your support with regards to all our Legal and Business matters. From drawing up Contracts to attending Board meetings, you always ensure we do things correctly and professionally. 

Arno , you and your Partners and staff are always willing to help at any give time especially when things are urgent and we do not give you much time. 

We are treated with the utmost respect, patience and kindness by all which makes it such a pleasure to work with you! 

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to always have you by our side. 


Kind regards,