Tips for making your next financial year-end easier

Directors Manual

The Governance of companies, both private and public companies is largely regulated by the Companies Act and Regulations, in cooperation various other legislation, but mainly it is regulated by the Companies Act and Regulations… VIEW MANUAL HERE
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FATF grey listing will hurt all of us

If by now you do not know that South Africa faces a potential grey listing by the Financial Action TaskForce (“FATF”) you need to explore this topic with great urgency, because in some other way, it willaffect you. The grey listing of South Africa will have dire consequences for all in South Africa. Fromthe big…
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The importance of knowing your Public Interest Score (“PIS”)

From the local barber to the multinational, they all must know or be aware of their PIS. If you own acompany or are a director of a company, it is part of your duty as an owner and director to knowyour company’s PIS. For the simple reason being that it allows to you to be…
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My landlord refuses to refund my deposit, what do I do?

Tenants have long since been left to their own devices when it comes to repaying their deposits bylandlords. In today’s time, there is the Rental Housing Act, the Estate Agents Act and the ConsumerProtection Act that make things easy for the tenant, provided the tenant stays on the right side ofthe line. It goes without…
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Vlog example

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