Is legal and administrative red tape perhaps the biggest obstacle to starting or running a successful business in South Africa?

We are Strategic Legal Advisors

South African entrepreneurs seem to be in agreement that businesses in South Africa are faced with a maze of red tape cramping their business style, and making it very hard to safely negotiate all the potential transgressions they may unwittingly be committing: BEE compliance, Corporate compliance, submitting annual returns, statutory due diligence reviews, knowing about and understanding all legislation applicable to the company – to mention but a few.

Even if the entrepreneur has a sound knowledge of all the requirements and restrictions, the key question remains whether there will be ample time available to take care of the core business and run a profitable business after addressing all the repetitive red tape?

Would it not make a world of positive difference if all the non-core but very important aspects of the business could be taken care of – professionally – leaving the entrepreneur to do what he or she is primarily in business for: to run a successful business?


The Question is: How and by whom?

Is it at all possible, or just an idle dream?

Welcome to the peace of mind solution offered by STRATLAW

Experts at increasing a company’s value by mitigating and/or limiting risks through the provision of professional strategic legal advice. Simply put: STRATLAW excels at turning obstacles into stepping stones. This statement is underscored by their Vision and Mission declarations.

STRATLAW assists New Entrepreneurs

STRATLAW offers a professional start-up package consisting of the registration of a company, MOI , Minute Book, and BEE certificate – at a very reasonable fee. Additional services required are quoted as per request.

Limited Contract Clients

STRATLAW does not only assist from a distance, or on an ad hoc basis: A maximum of 100 clients are accepted on a monthly contract basis. These clients need not take all services offered; they can specify which of our services from our comprehensive list they need, and are quoted accordingly.

Value Added services to Attorneys

STRATLAW offers Attorneys specialist support by executing necessary but time consuming compliance matters.

Take Action NOW

Take a look at the Curriculum Vitae of the Directors of STRATLAW on the About Us page, and the list of Services Offered by the company; revisit the Vision and Mission statements on this page – then ask yourself the obvious question: With values, academic backgrounds and track records like these, and with the crucial services that you can stop worrying about, why has your firm not become one of the privileged 100 STRATLAW Contract Clients yet? The only action needed is to Contact Us for an obligation free quotation.