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Your rights when stopped by a Traffic Officer in South Africa

With the upcoming Christmas holidays many South Africans will find themselves on the road to that special place to unwind and recover from a stressful year.

Road blocks during this period are the norm as traffic police try to control the huge numbers of vehicles and motorists on the roads, as well as the odd motorist that has celebrated a bit much at the office Christmas party.

When stopped by a traffic officer, do you know what your rights are and what is allowed ? Here we will endeavour to share the most important facts with you.

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Access to Information Manuals - Promotion of Access to Information Act

Most acts of any government are instituted to protect the rights of its citizens and encourage the efficient management of the country.

The Promotion of Access to Information Act is exactly that. It provides all South Africans with the right to have access to records held by state, government institutions and private bodies that are required for the exercise or protection of any rights.

It gives the requestor the right to lodge a request for said information from the Information Officer of a public or private body.

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Smart Strategies for Marketing your business

Most businesses know about marketing, but do they really understand what this means and why it's a must for your business ?Marketing

Marketing is the term given to the process of encouraging the consumer to buy or use your product or service. In essence this becomes the way in which your business gets the message out into the world for consumers to find and take action on.

In today's fast paced world, businesses have two methods of doing this - online and offline - both are effective if done in the correct way.

As each of these methods are key to getting your offering in front of the correct target market, we will be discussing smart strategies for both methods and discuss why each is important and how together, they can be explosive.

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Looking for Funding? What you need to know ...

For most entrepreneurs and business owners, their biggest headache is having enough capital.

You may have an idea that is going to rival Facebook or need a critical expansion to take your business to the next level, but you need funding ...

Where to start looking for the correct type of finance and what are funders looking for to ensure success, these are the correct questions.

When you set out to find funding opportunities, it's important to remember that not all sources of finance are equal and depending on the business - they could be vastly different. A funding model that would suit an interior decorator, would not be the same if your business was   developing a new software programme.

Here are some of the most popular funding types and some tips to ensure that your application is approved.

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Investment - a SME perspective

Just like the big corporates, you as a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) should also ask the question when you have some spare funds - In what or where should you invest it ?invest

It really does not matter what the size of the company is, money cannot be left lying around without providing a return for the organisation.

In South Africa's current economic climate, this question becomes more interesting for each business owner - to decide where and in what to invest

Current investment trends show that for businesses there are two options : reinvest back into your own organisation or invest in potential outside of the organisation. Before taking the leap - research, investigate and explore which option would be best for not only you and your company, but also for the economy and community.

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