Valuable marketing tips for your business for 2016

We live in a day and age where consumers are bombarded with advertising, and frankly, today’s consumers are sick of traditional advertising and choose brands that stand out from the rest.

Technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day, and the marketing industry is no exception.  Marketers and business owners need to stay on top of the latest technology, trends and consumer preferences to stay ahead of their competitors.

In today’s over crowded marketplace, your methods, messages and channels you market through, have become increasingly important if you want to win consumers over to choose you.

Here are 7 marketing tips for your business for 2016:

Go online

This would seem an unnecessary point to some to even mention, but there is still a large amount of businesses out there who have not started doing online marketing, for the simple reason that they do not understand it, or they believe they are already getting business without it and don’t need it. The fact is, your competitors are doing it, and if you don’t join this growing trend, your brand will get left behind.

Research shows that consumers prefer online marketing to offline marketing methods, and with more and more online channels being launched and existing channels increasingly improving its analytics data, marketers and business owners have a lot more data to work with and Marketing is becoming more localized and more personalized

Start doing Video Marketing

According to Microsoft, 58% of consumers better trust companies that produce video content.  Facebook, Periscope, YouTube and Instagram are just a few examples of platforms where Video Marketing is showing great returns on marketing campaigns and engagement with consumers.

Be Consistent

With so many new marketing channels and new brands launching, engaging and then disappearing, consumers tend to trust brands that consistently engage them through a variety of marketing channels.  If you start engaging with consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you need to consistently keep doing so, to avoid them losing trust in your brand or viewing it as a “fly-by-night”.  Most business owners do not have the time to consistently keep this up, so ensure you enlist the help of a good agency that can manage the consistent engagement with consumers on these platforms on your behalf. 

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Rewarding Consumer Behaviour

According to Microsoft, 37% of Millennials are strongly motivated by wearable devices that reward them with loyalty points.  Insurance companies, medical aid companies and the health industry have all launched such products and have had phenomenal buy-in on these campaigns by consumers.

Include consumers in a greater meaning

According to Microsoft, 60% of Millennials have indicated that they chose to work for their current employers for a sense of purpose. Companies who through their message, values, products and engagement with consumers, display a sense of including the consumer in a greater purpose, are likely to encourage consumers to choose their brand amongst the other competitors in their industry.

Be the influencers in your industry

Consumers are looking for influencers. They are looking for Brands that lead, disrupt and change their industry. Disruptive marketing campaigns, Blogs, videos & consistent engagement with consumers along with using the right channel, are just some of the things that play a role in positioning brands as influencers.

Multi-Channel Marketing

With the amount of online platforms and technology growing daily, one channel of marketing will no longer suffice.  Consumers are on several platforms and need to consistently see your brand engaging with them throughout these platforms. Facebook for instance is  a great channel to engage with and market to your specific consumer group, however on its own, consumers get tired of your brand instead of consistently having your brand top-of-mind across the various platforms. Be strategic in the platforms that you choose and enlist the help of a Marketing Agency that is familiar with the various platforms and the strategy behind integrating your consistent engagement through the right channels and platforms for your brand.

These tips are easy to implement in your business, and are not very costly to execute.  If you are unsure of how to strategically implement this for your business, or do not have the time or resources to do it yourself, enlist the help of a good agency that can manage this on your behalf.  Marketing has become one of the most important pillars for growth and success for every business, and is an investment you will never regret making, if you have the right strategy behind it.

Written by:  Mickey Roothman, Director and Senior Strategist, Brand Boosters Strategic Marketing and Brand Development Agency

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