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Know your rights about land claims, their implications and the process

land claims

Besides e-tolls and the Rand-Dollar exchange rate, this is probably the next most contentious subject especially in South Africa.


Land claims are a very personal subject and something that most people that have been affected by them, take very seriously. Family and history are fundamentally at the core of South African culture. Many pieces of land have been in families for generations only to find out that maybe, they actually don't have a right to ownership thereof.


This cannot be easy for all concerned - not the current owners nor the "dispossessed".


But what exactly are land claims, how does one claim and check for claims? In this discussion we will address all the salient aspects of this contentious subject.

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E-tolls and your business - What are your rights?


Everybody that lives and visits in Gauteng now have to contend with the Sanral e-tolls as well as the normal e-tolls on the roads in the province.

This has been a very contentious issue since before its inception and continues to be the main topic in many conversations. Unfortunately the systems and procedures that have been set up to manage this system, seem to be falling far short of normal service delivery, never mind being user friendly.

Just like with other laws, rules and regulations of a country - you need to make sure that you know your rights, especially if you run a business.

The most important fact that you need to know in terms of this system is that each vehicle is seen as a user - this is not about the individual, organisation or the business entity. The next, is that nobody can force you to register, but if you have used the road and gone under a gantry - there is a fee payable.

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Water Restrictions and your Business

As the summer heats up, the last few weeks have given us some indication of the temperatures we can expect. Added to that, is the announcement that the entire country is in the grips of the worst drought in 23 years.

This drought has been made worse by the fact that El Nino has already increased sea temperatures in our part of the world by 2 degrees and that will mean that this year's summer will be the hottest South Africa has ever experienced.

The Implementation of water restrictions comes as no surprise, but it not only affects the man in the street, but also impacts businesses.

The main water service provider in Gauteng, Rand Water has indicated that its supply pipeline servicing all areas is under severe strain due to increased water demand. The implementation of temporary water restrictions would be to the benefit of all in the area and must be adhered to.

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5 Basic Principles to Negotiating the best deal

Shaking Hands

Although most people don't like to admit it - everything in life is a negotiation and even more so in business.

In terms of business - poor negotiation skills can take your business from hero to zero very quickly or be the key in you losing key customers. Although negotiation strategies appear to be common sense, most people get too wrapped up in the emotions of the process and ignore what they know to be true.

To have a truly successful negotiation, you need to cut emotion, and the concept of luck and magic, right out of the equation.

Here are 5 basic but key principles to apply and perfect to have the most successful negotiation possible. Remember to always keep your end goal in mind and check your ego out at the door.

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New Employee Probation, how does it work?

Employing a new employee seems to be a pretty straightforward task right? You hire them and then set them off to work, but is it really as easy and simple as that? What happens if shortly into the employment relationship, you discover that the person is not suitable for the post?

Many Employers find the list of legal rights and responsibilities relating to the appointment of a newly hired Employee overwhelming, however compliance with these legal rights and responsibilities can be as simple as 1 + 2 = 3. Making use of a probationary period when appointing a new Employee is probably the most effective manner to deal with new recruits, although many Employers have resorted to the use of fixed term contracts as an alternative to probation. But how legal is this?

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