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Tips for making your next financial year-end easier

balance sheet

Financial year-end could be a major “headache” if you are not prepared and organized. Whether you are new in business or have been through many financial year-ends, it will always be very important to know how to read and understand your financial statements.

The Trial Balance (TB) is the first step in the preparation of financial year-end statements and is a report listing all the balances of the general ledger that are compiled into debit and credit columns of which the totals of both columns should be equal. Asset and expense accounts are on the debit side and liabilities, capital and income accounts are on the credit side. For every debit entry, a corresponding credit has to be entered in the books.


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What your employees need to know when driving a company vehicle


Company vehicle usage

Usually company vehicles are allocated mainly for business purposes, but reasonable private use is sometimes allowed, depending on the company policy. Normally a set number of kilometers will be granted for private use. It will also be a requirement to keep accurate log of the kilometres driven for business and for private use.

In some cases, where the company vehicle is the only means of transport, private usage for vacations may also be permitted by the company.

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Valuable marketing tips for your business for 2016


We live in a day and age where consumers are bombarded with advertising, and frankly, today’s consumers are sick of traditional advertising and choose brands that stand out from the rest.

Technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day, and the marketing industry is no exception.  Marketers and business owners need to stay on top of the latest technology, trends and consumer preferences to stay ahead of their competitors.

In today’s over crowded marketplace, your methods, messages and channels you market through, have become increasingly important if you want to win consumers over to choose you.

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Ask an attorney for advice on appointing an Executor for your will

It is inevitable that some or other time we all have to depart from the living. The mere mention of death and contacting an attorney to help with preparation of a current will, will always be an uncomfortable subject. But, fact is fact and we do not want those we love who are left behind, to be left to pick up the pieces of our lives if we did not have our affairs in order.

Once you have decided to be mature about the subject, you will have quite a lot to think about. It also depends on what assets you have to mention in your will. Once you know what you want to bequeath and to whom, you will most certainly need someone to execute this, as you will no longer be alive to manage it. Now, this is where the question comes to mind when you sit with your attorney: “Who should I appoint as the Executor of my will?”

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Content Marketing and why it is important for your business


Marketing for your business in most people's eyes has always involved spending money. With the advent of the Internet, it has opened up new opportunities to market yourself and your business to your customers, without cost.

How is this possible and does it actually work you ask? The answer is most definitely and it just takes some of your time and knowing what your market needs.

Key to this whole concept is knowing your market - that is the core and then adding massive value to that market.

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